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2020 Media  Overview

The year of COVID as we know it and what seemed like a changing and dysfunctional community with global issues. The Iron Games being mid Septemeber we were able to adjust too the evolving changes and guidelines for event hosting. Our volunteers and additional staff amassed with CrossFit Games experience did amazing working together to adapt. Athletes saw themselves again at the mercy of the water with a swimming event and DB implement to start off their weekend. Day 2 started with the 5k “Rainbow Road” through the mountains of Thunderbird Gardens, warming athletes up for their 2RM TNG Snatch for max weight. To cap off Friday night, athletes competed under the lights in their return to SUU Ecceles Coliseum Stadium where we all gave tribute during the workout “Remember” to honor the events of 9/11 19 years later.A totoal surprise, even individual athletes had to learn how to drag the worm solo to survive. Saturday we witnessed “NOCCO Enough” as the separator that crushed souls. But, as “3,2,1, GO!” began in our last workout we saw new champions arise to end the night in every division! 2020 was proof to the community that fighting through every single “no”, doubt, fear and obstacle that came only meant the victory was greater.  We are extremely proud and grateful to all or our sponsors that stuck with us through the unknown of this season, specifically Th U.S. Army Warrior Fitness Team who became the Title Sponsor for 2020.

2019 Media  Overview

The 2019 inaugural year of The Iron Games focused on highlighting a vast array of fitness abilities in the most extreme playing grounds an event could provide! Programmed by Nick Fowler of Brute Strength, all 110 athletes proved themselves Iron Tough by completing 8 events over just 2 days. The first event kicked off with the sunrise as our competitors completed a 5K through Southern Utah University Campus. The day concluded in the heart of Cedar City where we shut down Main Street for the Clean and Jerk Ladder event. We witnessed athletes overcome their fears by doing their first ever swimming event at SUU Olympic swimming pool, and closed off an incredible weekend in the SUU Eccles Coliseum Stadium with a combination of sand bags, sled pushes, 25 yard sprints and the daunting worm for Teams! We were stunned at the support of our community, athletes, sponsors and spectators in 2019, it lit a fire underneath us for the future of our event!

2019 Media 

The episode with a recap experience from Opening Ceremonies at The Summer Games:


       From the start to minute 6:20 


Episode discussing various topics and competing in our competition events and locations (The Iron Games):


       Starting at 22:55-31:15  


Full episode recapping experiences from The Iron Games Weekend: 


USG/Iron Games Episode 

Buttery Bros Youtube

2019 Event Schedule


Triple S Polaris - 9:50

SUU Pool Event- 11:20

CrossFit Cedar City- 13:00

Crumbl- 15:00

KSL Interview- 15:40

SUU Aviation- 17:05

CrossFit Cedar City- 22:40

Restaurants- 26:50 (Charlie's, Pork Belly's, Centro)

Shakespeare- 28:40

Brick House Cafe- 30:45

USG Block Party- 32:30

USG Opening Ceremonies- 33:30

(Veteran Travis Wood story, Plain White Ts, rain, bikes, lighting the torch, fireworks)

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